Resolving Complex Commercial
and Corporate Legal Issues

Firm Overview

After more than two decades of counseling and advising corporate clients on domestic and international transactions, Jay Choi has opened his own law firm ("Firm") to concentrate on creating a firm with a distinctive character based on his core values of diligence, trust, loyalty, integrity, and expediency. The firm is dedicated to serving U.S. and international corporations. We are active in USA, Korea and Asia.

With extensive corporate and transactional deal experiences, the firm is well positioned to assist those global-minded corporations in their strategic planning and international expansion. We are experienced in inbound and outbound corporate expansion issues including, but not limited to, due diligence in strategic decisions on whether and how to establish corporate presence, local entity establishment and corporate winding up, negotiation of real estate lease, employment contract, commercial contract, asset acquisition and disposition, merger, corporate personnel transfer, international, cross border, U.S. Immigration, and financing new operation.

Our Clients

Our clients are corporations with locations within the U.S.A. and Asia. They are all sizes and in all stages of the corporate life cycle. Typically they are progressive global-minded corporations seeking legal answers to advance their corporate mission. Our role has been to serve as outside general counsel, transactional counsel, financing counsel, lead or second chair in major consolidations of corporate assets and mergers, and immigration counsel.

Our Practice Areas

Our firm focuses on corporate law, which directs us to cultivate a keen understanding of the needs of our clients, and a superior understanding of corporate financing means and business trends, which enables us to maintain a high degree of legal expertise. Our firm provides legal assistance in the areas of Business and Corporate law, International Transactional law, Corporate Debt or Equity financing law, Commercial Real Estate law, and U.S. immigration law.

Our Core Values and Strategy

Our core values are diligence, trust, loyalty, integrity, and expediency. Our strategy is to apply these core values to guide our daily lives, and to pursue our clients' best interest for their organizational success. We are dedicated to our staff development and education. We are equally dedicated to providing innovative legal solutions to our clients, using up-to-date legal theory and expediting its delivery by using the most appropriate means.

Our Dedication to Community Service

Jay Choi serves the local, national and international community and the legal profession by participating in and leading various civic organizations and bar associations as Board of Director, Representative, Chair, President, and Advisor. Each person in the Firm pledges to and commits to the aforementioned mission, core values, and strategy. We encourage our staff and clients to "Walk the talk."

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