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Business Counseling [Top]

Jay Choi has formal business education (MBA) and eight years of business management experience with small to large international firms prior to becoming a lawyer, and he has a special appreciation for management legal issues. With his more than two decades of corporation legal counseling, domestic and international deal experience, Jay is highly qualified to advise most global-minded business executives in their quest to expand or wind up their operations. Jay frequently advises on cross border transactions with lasting impact to their corporate strategy.

Commercial Transactions [Top]

When a business begins its operation, it makes commitments to others and commercial relationships are created. Our firm has been effective in counseling corporations to review their business plans and guide them to create appropriate commercial relationships. As simple as entering into a purchase agreement with a local vendor, or as complicated as creating a multiple party international joint venture with foreign firms, we have been able to guide our clients to protect their legal and economic interests.
Our extensive experience in dealing with corporations in Asia provides us with special appreciation on the region, and we are frequently called upon by in-house legal counsels to either assist or lead Asia-based commercial transactions and their financing matters.

International Business Transactions [Top]

Jay Choi was a law clerk at the largest Korean law firm in 1988, and studied the Japanese legal system. Since then, he has been crossing the Pacific Ocean frequently to represent U.S. corporate interests in various parts of Asia. His previous assignments include various joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, due diligences, financing projects, and consolidation of various business operations. His clients are global-minded private and public entities in various industries.

Corporate Law [Top]

Many international or local commercial transactions begin with creating a suitable legal entity to carry out and facilitate the business strategy for the client. We will counsel the client to choose and establish a legal entity and deal structure, maintain the legal structure, and comply with necessary legal requirements. Further, we are regularly consulting with our clients on legal issues arising from operating a business; including, employment and commercial relationships issues, debt and equity financing issues, acquisition of major assets or a merger, winding up or relocation issues.

U.S. Immigration Law [Top]

In a Global economic environment, it is not uncommon to have a foreign corporation establish a presence in the United States to conduct its business. Thereafter, it invests or transfers its assets. It is also natural for the foreign corporation to have its managers or employees who are familiar with its operation to oversee its operation or the transferred asset. Whenever a foreign person crosses our border, he or she is subject to United States immigration rules and regulations. Here our firm can be helpful.
Jay Choi's extensive cross border corporate experience lends itself to U.S. immigration issues from day one of his legal career. Our firm has been guiding our foreign corporation clients on their strategic corporate immigration planning (E, H, L, and EB-5 visa) and compliance, and our domestic corporation clients with foreign born employees on their immigration compliance issues.

Mergers and Acquisitions [Top]

When a corporation is ready to change, there exists an opportunity to combine its operation with other business operations. The combination can take various forms. We are brought in at various stages of transformation to assist the senior managers to carry out the corporate strategic decisions. Our role varies from deal to deal, including being a legal counsel to buy or sell side, due diligence counsel, corporate counsel for target firm, financing counsel for lender, or legal counsel for the surviving corporate entity in a merger. Although the focus may be shifted from one assignment to another, our role requires a keen understanding of our client's interest and a full understanding of the entire deal structure, everyone's role, and the financial and operational impact of the transaction to our client.
We are able to contribute and benefit our clients in various deals by working closely with other professionals and understanding their roles, and timely seeking their participation in the deal process to successfully meet the client's goal.

Real Estate and Project Financing Counseling [Top]

Real Estate property is one major class of corporate assets, and its importance in any public and private corporation can not be overlooked. Our firm has been involved in various real estate transactions, and acted as legal adviser in various aspects of the real estate industry. Jay Choi represented various U.S. title insurance companies to establish their operation in Korea and Japan, and counseled various state and local governments and special economic development authorities in Korea, regarding attracting foreign direct investments and project financing issues. Also our firm advocates inbound foreign direct investment into the United States and advises various foreign real estate investors in their deal structure, exit strategy, U.S. immigration status consequence (E, H, L, EB-5) and facilitation of the main transaction.

U.S. Korea Cross Border Transactions [Top]

Our Firm has extensive deal experience in U.S. Korea commercial transactions in various industries. For example, Jay Choi represented a major U.S. auto parts manufacturer for more than a decade on their joint ventures from the start to buyout cycle; represented a major U.S. city airport authority in its dealing with a global airline to start its service to the city; represented U.S. national insurance companies to start real estate based insurance products and help start a new industry in Korea; represented a national agricultural industry association dealing with Korean local operation issues; represented a global engineering firm to resolve operational issues with Korean government contract. Performed various due diligence and negotiations to resolve operational and financial issues, corporate asset purchases and mergers.
With extensive national and local governmental experience in Korea and the U.S., Jay represented the Republic of Korea as a Colorado local legal counsel, the Mayor's office, City of Busan as a foreign direct investment advisor; and serving as a member of the board of directors or a legal advisor to Korean based private and public corporate entities. In view of recently enacted U.S. Korea Free Trade Agreement, our Firm is in a position to assist U.S. corporations in furthering their interest in Korea; also, to assist incoming Korean investors and Korean corporations in their acquisition of or development of real estate or corporate assets in the United States.